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Good Day Noir Family,we are thrilled to announce that our new music video Nibiru (Planet X) is out. We have been receiving a lot of cool articles and reviews about it and we would like to thanks the blog that have already featured it and the future ones that will support our music. 
Good day Noir Family, we are thrilled to announce that our new song Nibiru is out. The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st fine today 'cause tomorrow won't be same. A powerful and intense rock ballad. If you are a Soundcloud user we kindly ask you to like and leave a comment on the track. Have a Noir and wonderful day and stay tuned, we are also working on Nibiru's music's gonna be epic.

Listen to the song here:

Good Day Noir Family,On March 27th we release our last single AmeriKing. This song speaks about the crazy idea of building a wall on the Mexican American Border.
Ameriking Edgar Allan Poets
We believe that we should learn from the past...see what happened with the Berlin's Wall that was wrecked in 1989...building a wall is an old, stupid way to protect the borders and it's already proven that this method is not working.In 2017 I'm sure we could come up with better ideas and most of all we should try to get along together. Anger will bring more anger.We got an amazing review from you can read the review and listen to the song here: AmeriKing ReviewThe song is available for free download here:

Good day Noir Family, the magazine Digital Filmmaker (Issue N# 42) has written a great article about Chris and his videos Shiver and Vague Illusion.

Not only the music but also the videos of Edgar Allan Poets are receiving great reviews. Edgar Allan Poets is an experience more than only a band. We are trying, with the means at our disposal, to do our best to provide you guys the best art possible. We will keep creating new stuff because we like what we are doing and we want our music to be around the world. Happy Noir Year to all of you and thanks for your support.

You can buy the magazine here:

 Chris Mariotti on Digital Filmaker MagazineChris Mariotti on Digital Filmaker MagazineChris Mariotti on Digital Filmaker Magazine

We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received since the release of our previous songs like: Old Black Clown, Crow Girl, Those Who Care, Icarus, Cryptic Code, Wrong Direction etc.

We promote our music independently, word of mouth goes a long way, so we would like to ask you to pledge your support by offering to send out just one Tweet or Facebook or Tumblr post on the 31st of December to help spread the word about this new Song & Video "Vague Illusion". All you have to do to make this happen, is help us reach our goal of 250 supporters by this date and Headtalker will do the rest! With your help, on the 31st of December we will make a HUGE social impact with this promotion!


Vague Illusion

Thank you for lending your voice to help make "Vague Illusion" the perfect Noir soundtrack of this Christmas.

Good Day noir family, we are please to announce that the 7th of December our new single and video "Vague Illusion" will be released. Stay tuned and support us if you like our music.

Shiver, Celebrities' Demons, a 360 video filmed at the Youtube Space L.A on Stage number 1 #Room301. This Youtube Hotel set has been the perfect location for the new single Shiver by Edgar Allan Poets. We speak about the Demons of the Celebrities, their wonderful lives are really so wonderful? They struggle with their success, they live in a limbo where reality and imagination are mixed, they don't know why they have so much success and they escape from this situation using drugs or alcohol. This is the Story of Johnny DOPE and Amber Crazy Heart 2 famous celebrities that during Halloween 2016 will face for the first time their fears, their demons.

#room301 shiver Edgar Allan Poets

Watch the video here:

Actors: Mark Anthony Collins Jr (Johnny) Jennifer Ann Gulotta (Amber) David Delagarza (Drug Dealer) Laura Fantuzzi (Hotel Manager) Silvia Baldassini (Fan) Robert Broski (Abraham Lincoln) Kevin Michaels (Paparazzo) Javier Ortiz ( Paparazzo) David Jankowski (Receptionist)


I’m here for you

She said

All you thought you needed is roud you

There’s nothing more

To dream of

There’s nothing more

To wish for

That’s your dream

Without the skin

Just for me

You gambled everything

Now that you have me

How do you feel?

The way was hard

Bud this is unreal

Crippled by you

I shiver i shiver

Humbled by you

I shiver i do

You had it all

But you feel poor

And now you are lost between these fudges

You are alone

The nacked truth

Without an aim

You are confused

Do you remember the greatest fight

Now only gloom inside you eyes

Crippled by you

I shiver I shiver

Humbled by you

I shiver I do

What do I have left now

What do I do of me now

Can you still see me?

I’m here, up here

Good Day Noir Family,we are really busy producing our next 2 songs and videos "Vague Illusion" and "Shiver". We already filmed the video of Vague Illusion in Venice Italy and we will be shooting  Shiver's video in the amazing Horror set of the youtube space.Stay tuned for more and remember that is only real when it's space set edgar allan poets