Nibiru Edgar Allan Poets

The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object which certain groups believe

Vague Illusion by Edgar Allan Poets
Vague Illusion

Edgar Allan Poets’ Vague Illusion Featuring Igor Stravinsky and Vera Stravinsky. Igor and Vera Stravinsky are buried in the City of

Those Who Care by Edgar Allan Poets
Those Who Care

Download the song here: Itunes: Edgar Allan Poets – Those Who Care – Official Video Ted Bundy’s daughters escaped

Icarus by Edgar Allan Poets

Icarus is the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, the creator of the Labyrinth. Icarus and his father attempt to

Hollywood Backyard by Edgar Allan Poets
Hollywood Backyard

Edgar Allan Poets’ Hollywood Backyard is a song about the vacuity of our society. Celebrities sell us glamour, and they are

The Poe Parade in honor of Edgar Allan Poe
The Poe Parade

The Poe Parade is the Edgar Allan Poe’s celebration, the song’s lyrics are composition of twenty four titles of Edgar

Besame Mucho by Edgar Allan Poets
Besame Mucho

Vladimir Putin after ousting an Ukrainian General from his seat, in an Ukrainian ball room during a private party, he’s

Wrong Direction by Edgar Allan Poets
Wrong Direction

We are consumerism victims, we are lost in our superficial reality and we are forgetting the important things in life.

Cryptic Code by Edgar Allan Poets
Cryptic Code

Edgar Allan Poets – Cryptic Code – Official Video Directed and Edited by Claudio Martinez Cryptic code We are living

Old Black Clown By Edgar Allan Poets
Old Black Clown

Edgar Allan Poets – Old Black Clown – Official Video DOWNLOAD THE SONG “Old Black Clown” HERE: Band:

Watch by Edgar Allan Poets

Even today, Native American culture is not understood by the general population and the people themselves remain tucked away in

Crow Girl by Edgar Allan Poets
Crow Girl

Crow Girl speaks about a schizophrenic love. The song is about the loneliness that you feel when your lover is gone

Those Who Care Featuring Edgar Allan Poe
Those Who Care (lyric Video)

This video featuring Edgar Allan Poe, conceptualized by Chris Mariotti and edited by Chris as well, wants to bring back

Shiver by Edgar Allan Poets

Shiver, Celebrities’ Demons, a 360 video filmed at the Youtube Space L.A on Stage number 1 #Room301. This Youtube Hotel

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