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100 Mirrors is The Transference’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Hailing from Chicago, The Transference delivers a musical experience that is familiar and refreshing with their debut EP, 100 Mirrors.

100 Mirrors is The Transference’s Ep Out Now

The mastermind behind this artistic vision is Laura Hollingsworth, whose songwriting talent shines through in every track.

Supported by a talented band, Hollingsworth’s vocals and lyrics take centre stage, creating an atmosphere that is intimate and expansive.

I liked “Premonitions,” a track with an ethereal ambience and dreamlike quality.

Hollingsworth’s voice floats effortlessly over the instrumentation, creating a sense of otherworldly beauty.

Another highlight is “Afterglow” with a driving rhythm and catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head long after the song is over.

The contrast between the verses and the chorus creates a dynamic energy.

“Event Horizon” takes a more sci-fi turn, with its futuristic halo and driving bassline. The song shows her ability to experiment with different genres while still maintaining her signature sound.

Overall, 100 Mirrors is a must-listen for fans of alternative rock with a touch of sophistication. The Transference has crafted an album that is timeless and modern, with something to offer everyone.

100 Mirrors is The Transference’s Ep Out Now!


The Transference is an indie rock/power pop band from Chicago, created by singer/songwriter and pianist Laura Hollingsworth (Thistle Eater, Burn the Barn, The Moon and Her Mother, Richard Bandini, Silver Age).

The band’s forceful sound leaves nothing on the table, solidifying around lush harmonies from Andrea Santiago and lead guitarist Justin Wheeler (Modern Daybreak). Laura’s evocative lyrics and direct style layered over pop rock rhythms from drummer Alex Karan (6 Kitty, Richard Bandini) and MJ Johnson’s driving Bass. Producer/multi-instrumentalist Mike Przygoda (The Przmatics) builds texture and magic moments playing everything from vibraphone and harmonium to pedal steel.

The band’s debut EP was recorded in 2023 at Electrical Audio in Chicago, and is mixed/mastered by Laura’s longtime friend and former bandmate Aaron Wallace (The Moon and Her Mother, Thistle Eater).

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