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Baile Punk is Tsunamiz’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Tsunamiz’s “Baile Punk” is an intriguing blend of industrial grooves and infectious melodies, reminiscent of the iconic Gorillaz.

Baile Punk is Tsunamiz’s Single Out Now

From the opening notes, the track exudes an undeniable sense of artistry, showcasing Tsunamiz’s talent as a composer and a performer.

The song builds gradually, like a runner poised at the starting blocks, anticipation mounting with each passing beat. The energy explodes into a pulsating chorus, leaving the listener exhilarated.

Tsunamiz’s masterful sound design is evident throughout, creating an immersive atmosphere that perfectly complements the song’s emotional intensity.

A particularly striking element is the guitar solo, which blends hard rock influences with epic melodic lines.

Shows Tsunamiz’s versatility and ability to blend genres, creating a truly unique and unforgettable listening experience.

Bruno Sobral, the visionary artist behind Tsunamiz, proves himself to be a master of musical fusion.

“Baile Punk” is a testament to Tsunamiz’s ability to push creative boundaries and deliver music that is innovative and accessible.

Baile Punk is Tsunamiz’s Single Out Now!


The visionary Tsunamiz, Bruno Sobral’s alter ego, has released the provocative Baile Punk, the third single from his new album “Behold the Man”, which will be released in November this year.
Mixing the rhythms of Brazilian Baile Funk with electronica and punk rock, Tsunamiz, who produced the song, created a “hymn to sexual freedom; a song that proves once again that we live in a post-genre world, in which an artist can find influences in any era, culture and tradition” as Tsunamiz explains.

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