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Ball Game is Zara DuCrôs’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Zara DuCrôs takes the spotlight with her single, “Ball Game,” an intense song that entertains you from the beginning.

Ball Game is Zara DuCrôs’ Single Out Now

Her voice is a revelation – deep, rich, and brimming with an intensity that cuts straight to the core. It’s a voice that seems to hold a lifetime of stories, each phrase carrying a weight that resonates with the listener.

The song begins with a beautifully intimate interplay between the bass and DuCrôs’ vocals.

It’s a slow burn, building a foundation of raw emotion that explodes with the arrival of distorted guitars in the chorus.

The sound reminded me of The Cranberries, weaving nostalgia and intensity that unfolds as the song progresses.

Just over halfway through,  around minute 2.30 “Ball Game” takes a surprising turn.

The pace shifts, showcasing DuCrôs’ clear artistic vision and willingness to experiment. It’s a bold move that demonstrates her confidence as a songwriter and her desire to push boundaries.

“Ball Game” is a song that stays in your head after the final note fades, leaving you eager to hear what this exciting new artist has in store for the future.

Ball Game is Zara DuCrôs’ Single Out Now!


Zara DuCrôs is an Australian-born New Zealand musician based in New York City. The singer/songwriter found solace in the keys of a piano at the tender age of 10, learning Tchaikovsky and Chopin with a classical Russian teacher. Little did she know, the keys would become her sanctuary, a place where she could translate the turbulence of girlhood into melody and heartfelt lyrics.

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