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Bleed is The Lunar Keys’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Lunar Keys are back with “Bleed,” a single that bleeds (pun intended) with raw emotion.

Bleed is The Lunar Keys’ Single Out Now

 A steady drumbeat and a melodic piano set the mood, building an inspiring and introspective atmosphere.

The vocalist steps in, their voice is full of passion and a touch of refinement, perfectly suited for this powerful ballad.

“Bleed” isn’t afraid to dig deep. The lyrics explore the universal struggle of battling our inner demons.

We’ve all been there, facing the enemy within. The Lunar Keys manage to capture that feeling perfectly, creating a song that will resonate with anyone who’s ever grappled with self-doubt.

The track takes a turn with a guitar solo that puts the spotlight on the effect used and adds a layer of texture, making you listen intently to every note.

This isn’t just a background melody, it’s a conversation between the guitarist and the listener.

“Bleed” is another stellar addition to The Lunar Keys’ discography. It’s a song filled with soul, introspection, and a touch of 80s flair.

Bleed is The Lunar Keys’ Single Out Now!


Bleed is The Lunar Keys’ Single Out Now

To mark their releases, The Lunar Keys are known to put their little money where their big mouths are – in support of good causes: ‘Silent Ricochet’ aided the arrival of 900 trees (and counting), whilst the follow ups ‘Stop This’, ‘Oxygen Type’, ‘Once’ and ‘Maniac’ saw the band raising funds for Nordoff Robbins, Oxygen, TheTrussellTrust and the nurses at The Royal Surrey Hospital respectively.

The release of BLEED will continue this Lunar tradition: Inspired by recent events and, well, the song’s title ;-), the band pledges to donate £1 for each of the first 250 reviews or airplay that BLEED receives to the Haemophilia Society.

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