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Checkmate In Two, Donnie is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
‪THE HYBRIS strikes hard with their latest single, “Checkmate In Two, Donnie,” a track that doesn’t shy away from controversy.

Checkmate In Two, Donnie is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single Out Now

The song opens with an engaging guitar riff, immediately grabbing attention before transitioning into a verse introduced by a radiophonic voice.

The direct and unfiltered lyrics offer a sharp critique of Donald Trump, reflecting the deep division in America where opinions on Trump are starkly polarized.

The band’s stance is clear: this song is not an ode to Trump. Instead, it serves as a smartly crafted commentary on his polarizing presence.

The lyrics are sharp and effective, resonating with those who feel strongly about the political climate.

Despite its critical perspective, the song’s craftsmanship is undeniable, and even those who support Trump might find themselves appreciating the musical quality.

I loved the catchy groove. The melody is memorable, sticking with the listener long after the song has ended. The trumpet solo adds an unexpected yet refined touch, elevating the entire composition and showcasing the band’s versatility.

It is a track that sticks in your head, provoking thought and engagement long after the final note.

Checkmate In Two, Donnie is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single Out Now!


The three comic book superheroes Ringo, Beanie and Malcolm are still on their mission to save the world. This time they stop a convicted criminal on his way back to the Oval Office.

THE HYBRIS is an international Alternative Rock project of three friends.

In the past we lived in Germany and played in various Rock, Punk and Alternative bands, before we were spread all over the world. Today we live in Nice, L.A., and Cologne.

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