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Cool Down is Harry Kappen’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
From the moment the guitar riff introduces Harry Kappen’s new single “Cool Down,” listeners are transported into a vibrant musical world.

Cool Down is Harry Kappen’s Single Out Now

 The reverberating guitar with its distinctive tone, creates an ethereal intro that builds palpable tension before the song’s rhythm kicks in with a relentless drive.

It’s as if we are passengers on a high-speed train, the scenery outside changing rapidly, capturing the frenetic pace of modern life.

Kappen’s influences from the music of the 70s and 80s are unmistakable.

There is a nostalgic quality to the instrumentation and arrangement, echoing the eras when rock and new wave dominated the airwaves. Yet, “Cool Down” is far from a mere homage; it is a call to action wrapped in a vibrant sonic package.

Lyrically, Kappen delivers a timely message to the world.

He urges us to awaken and recognize the urgent need to slow down and reconnect with what truly matters.

The song is a plea to preserve the precious Earth we inhabit, emphasizing that our fast-paced lifestyle is unsustainable. Kappen’s belief in humanity’s potential for change imbues the track with a sense of hope.

“Cool Down” is a coherent and profound piece, combining a nostalgic musical backdrop with a modern and pressing message. Harry Kappen’s artistry shines through in every note and lyric, making this single a must-listen.

Cool Down is Harry Kappen’s Single Out Now!


Cool Down is Harry Kappen’s Single Out Now

‘Cool down’ is from the new full-length album by Harry Kappen named: ‘Time will tell’. The new eclectic album contains 9 brand new songs supplemented with the 3 singles that were released over the past 14 months. They did very well on Spotify with almost half a million hits! 12 Original, catchy songs in total about his life, his fears, his love and his future. Mexico seems to play a big role in some of his songs (listen to ‘the volcano is awake’)

‘Time will tell’ is available only on Harry’s website www.harrykappen.com in wav or mp3 files. It will be completed with a unique lyrics pdf file. Later this year the album will also be available on every platform.

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