Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Cult Classics Vol. 2: Oh No Love! You're Not Alone is Adam Tilzer's Album Out Now
Cult Classics Vol. 2: Oh No Love! You’re Not Alone is Adam Tilzer’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Adam Tilzer returns with another tribute to the legendary David Bowie. A collaborative album titled “Cult Classics Vol. 2: Oh No Love! You’re Not Alone.”

Cult Classics Vol. 2: Oh No Love! You’re Not Alone is Adam Tilzer’s Album Out Now

 This ambitious project brings together diverse artists to reimagine some of Bowie’s most iconic songs.

Organizing and collaborating with so many artists is no easy feat, but that’s the magic of music. It has the power to transcend boundaries of race, genre, religion, and sexual orientation, uniting people under a common love.

Music can level the playing field, spreading a message of unity and love throughout the world.

David Bowie, the iconic artist also known as The Thin White Duke, embodied this spirit through his music and persona, breaking down stereotypes and shattering barriers.

Tilzer’s own rendition of “Five Years” kicks off the album, preparing you for a journey through Bowie’s musical universe. The track stays true to the original’s intensity while adding a fresh touch.

“I’m Afraid of Americans” is a standout, with its energetic delivery and unsettling musicality perfectly capturing the song’s message of societal unease.

Paola Bennet’s ethereal take on “Space Oddity” mesmerises, while her refined vocals and captivating performance elevate “Lady Stardust.”

Each track on the album offers a unique interpretation of Bowie’s work, showcasing the talent and versatility of the artists involved.

This project shows Bowie’s enduring influence. His music continues to inspire and challenge artists across generations and genres.

“Cult Classics Vol. 2: Oh No Love! You’re Not Alone” is a loving tribute to a true icon of music.

Cult Classics Vol. 2: Oh No Love! You’re Not Alone is Adam Tilzer’s Album Out Now!


This New York-based project features a majority LGBTQ+ roster and pays homage to one of the most influential and innovative artists in music history, David Bowie.

Adam Tilzer has been a lifelong fan of David Bowie, with his fascination beginning in childhood after watching the iconic film Labyrinth. Following the success of Cult Classics Vol. 1, choosing Bowie for the second volume was a natural decision. “David Bowie was the obvious choice for volume 2 because his music spans all genres across six decades,” says Tilzer. “It was a perfect choice to tribute.”

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