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Demons We Create is Castle De Crux’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Castle De Crux’s debut EP, “Demons We Create,” is an intriguing journey into the realms of haunting melodies, theatrical vocals, and a soundscape that is ethereal and otherworldly.

Demons We Create is Castle De Crux’s Ep Out Now

 The band’s approach to songwriting is undeniably theatrical, creating an immersive listening experience that feels more like attending a dark and enchanting musical.

The opening track, “Descending,” sets the tone for the EP with its ethereal and twilight-like atmosphere. The song’s hypnotic vocals and peculiar instrumentation transport the listener into a limbo of mystery and intrigue, hinting at the darker themes that lie ahead.

“Demons in My Skin” continues the EP’s haunting ambience with its repetitive, soul-piercing female scream and unique vocal effects.

The song’s sound design is mesmerizing and unsettling, creating a sense of unease that perfectly complements the lyrics’ exploration of inner demons.

The piano’s steady rhythm adds a layer of intensity, while the overall atmosphere evokes an image of a dark and stormy night.

Demons We Create is Castle De Crux's Ep Out Now1

“Deteriorate” takes a turn towards a more Sabbath-inspired sound, transporting the listener to a shadowy forest where a sinister ritual is taking place. The song’s ominous vocals and driving rhythm create a sense of impending doom.

The EP concludes with “Relentless,” where the twilight-like atmosphere persists, and the magical ritual continues. The song’s haunting melodies and ethereal vocals cement Castle De Crux’s unique sound and captivating storytelling.

Overall, “Demons We Create” is a remarkable debut EP that showcases Castle De Crux’s ability to craft unique.

The single “So Many Monsters” is a song that maintains the artistic vision of this musical project. I enjoyed the industrial vibes and the powerful rhythm. It’s a song that makes you want to dance like no one is watching.

The band’s theatrical approach to songwriting and their mastery of atmosphere create an immersive listening experience that is sure to entertain fans of dark and gothic music.

Demons We Create is Castle De Crux’s Ep Out Now!


Castle De Crux comprises Elysia De Crux and Exor Magus De Crux. They blend a clever mix of lived experiences, current global issues, and the consequential effects on human society and its mental health. The duo’s sound is darkly alternative, accompanied by striking imagery and video. In their musical, artistic and theatric expression, Elysia and Exor feel an affinity with artists Emilie Autumn, Nick Cave, Joy Division, Cradle of Filth and The Sisters Of Mercy, to name just a few. While Castle De Crux’s lyrical topics can be deadly serious at times, the band tempers this with a wicked sense of humour, striking a fine balance between dark morbidity, glamour and fun.

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