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Density of Burden is Ranston’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ranston’s EP, “Density of Burden,” is a hard-hitting and adrenaline-fueled ride through the world of classic rock.

Density of Burden is Ranston’s Ep Out Now

 From the moment the opening notes of “Gunfire” blast through the speakers, it’s clear that these guys are here to deliver an intense musical experience.

The wild and raw guitar riff sets the tone for the entire EP, showcasing the band’s raw talent and passion for rock and roll.

The vocals on “Density of Burden” are impressive. The singer’s voice is raspy and powerful, perfectly suited for this style of music. His delivery is reminiscent of Reef’s frontman and Eddie Vedder, adding a touch of grit and emotion to the songs.

“Doctor Please” is a great tune with its infectious groove that will get your head bopping and your feet moving. It’s a solid and energetic song that’s sure to get you pumped up.

“Lighthouse” keeps the energy high and feels like a classic rock anthem, complete with a soaring guitar solo and a chorus that’s made for sing-alongs. This track would have been a perfect fit for Woodstock.

“This Again” takes a slight detour into more refined and modern territory, showcasing the band’s versatility. The song’s arrangement is more layered and atmospheric, while the vocals are delivered with a touch more restraint.

The EP closes with “Tanqueray,” a nostalgic ballad that reveals a different side of Ranston.

The song’s slow tempo and melancholic lyrics create a beautiful and immersive atmosphere, showing the band’s ability to write songs that are powerful but also emotional.

Overall, “Density of Burden” is a solid debut EP from a band with a lot of potential. I highly recommend checking out this EP if you’re looking for some new and exciting rock music to listen to.

Density of Burden is Ranston’s Ep Out Now!


Density of Burden is Ranston’s Ep Out Now

Ranston is a Swedish band that plays hard rock/alternative rock with influences from stoner rock and grunge.

The band was originally started by Kim Bergqvist (guitar) and Nico Nieminen (keys) under a different name. After Matte Hauhnt (song) and Manne Sjöstedt (bass) joined, Ranston was founded. We were later introduced to Knut Asplund (drums) and there was magic from the start.

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