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Deuxième Esquisse is Eddie Keller’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Eddie Keller’s single “Deuxième Esquisse” stands out in the crowded music scene with its raw authenticity and unfiltered expression.

Deuxième Esquisse is Eddie Keller’s Ep Out Now

Drawing from a life full of adventure and diverse experiences, Keller’s music offers a refreshing departure from mainstream conventions. Each song feels like a direct transmission from his soul to the listener’s ears.

From the first note, it’s evident that Keller’s songs are a product of a life richly lived.

“Deuxième Esquisse” particularly showcases his talent for turning real-life experiences into vivid musical narratives.

The standout feature of his work is its variety. The album does not stick to a single genre but rather spans a spectrum of styles, each track a unique piece of his journey.

One notable cover on the album is “Hurt.” Keller manages to retain the intensity of Johnny Cash’s original while adding his own touch.

In contrast, “Pourquoi tu vis” embraces a more folk-oriented approach, reminiscent of bands like Noir Désir, adding a nostalgic, yet fresh twist to his collection.

“La Corrida” transports listeners to Spain with its Latin-inspired melodies, reflecting Keller’s love for travel and his skill in bringing his experiences to life through music.

This track vividly evokes the sights and sounds of a Spanish adventure, making you feel like you are part of his journey.

Meanwhile, “Remerciements” offers a completely different experience, presenting a deep, almost oracle-like voice that opens the listener’s consciousness and invites introspection.

Each song on the album is solidly crafted, showcasing Keller’s visionary artistry.

His ability to blend storytelling with diverse musical styles makes “Deuxième Esquisse” a compelling listen from start to finish.

Deuxième Esquisse is Eddie Keller’s Ep Out Now!


Deuxième Esquisse is Eddie Keller’s Ep Out Now

Eddie Keller was born in Paris 34 years ago. Even as a child, he knew that city life wouldn’t be for him. His adventures took him from the catwalk of French naval warships to the remote ranches of Australia, earning him the nickname “the French cowboy.” He had unlikely encounters with dolphins and sea lions as an intrepid freediver, and all these incredible experiences became the inspiration for his songwriting. Eddie crafts songs that are little adventure stories, set to bluesy, country, or rock chords, reflecting his unique and wacky universe. He is a songwriter, rider, parachutist, navigator, and poet, embodying a blend of tender, crazy, and musical spirit.

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