Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Edgar Allan Poets Unveils "The Shadow" AI-Powered Video
Edgar Allan Poets Unveils “The Shadow” AI-Powered Video

Edgar Allan Poets, a band known for their shadowy soundscapes, has released a new single and video, “The Shadow,” that will leave you lingering in a twilight world.

This noir ballad captures the crepuscular limbo, that delicate moment where light and darkness embrace.

Edgar Allan Poets Unveils Haunting “The Shadow” Single and AI-Powered Video

Edgar Allan Poets Unveils The Shadow Single and AI-Powered Video

The music itself evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue, transporting the listener to a world of smoky jazz clubs and veiled secrets.

But the true star of the release is the accompanying video. “The Shadow” tells the captivating story of Lola Sinclair, a famed 1940s singer accused of murdering her husband. However, as revealed through the intriguing visuals, the truth is far more complex.

The video itself is a groundbreaking feat of artistic innovation. Created entirely with artificial intelligence, it blends the aesthetics of Midjourney and Runway, two cutting-edge AI art generation tools.

Conceptualized and realized by Chris Mariotti, the video pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling. It offers a hauntingly beautiful glimpse into Lola’s world.

The innovative production of the video has already garnered significant recognition. “The Shadow” has been officially selected for both the Indie Shorts Mag Short Film Festival and the AI Artist Festival.

Submissions to additional festivals are underway, with results expected throughout the summer.

With its charming music and groundbreaking visuals, “The Shadow” is a must-see and must-hear experience for fans of dark aesthetics and innovative storytelling.

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