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Empty Bottles is Mad Painter’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Strap yourself in, music fans, because Mad Painter’s latest single, “Empty Bottles,” is a full-on sonic explosion.

Empty Bottles is Mad Painter’s Single Out Now

The track wastes no time, diving straight into a heady psychedelic atmosphere with a pulsating keyboard pad.

It’s a clear sign that this isn’t your average rock song – Mad Painter is ready to take you on a trip.

Then, bam! The classic rock energy explodes. Powerhouse drums, soaring guitar riffs, and the frontman’s electrifying vocals slam into action.

It’s a potent cocktail that’s guaranteed to get your head nodding and your feet tapping. This is a song that practically begs you to crank up the volume and move – it’s pure fun.

But “Empty Bottles” isn’t just about raw energy. The melody is ridiculously catchy, the kind that burrows into your brain and has you humming the chorus long after the song has finished.

The lyrics, brimming with inspiration, urge you to chase your dreams and never give up, a message that feels perfect for these uncertain times.

Honestly, “Empty Bottles” is the kind of song that can turn your entire day around. It’s an invigorating shot of optimism wrapped in a layer of psychedelic rock.

I suggest also watching the beautiful music video, which has some 80s vibes and shows the contagious energy unleashed by this band.

Empty Bottles is Mad Painter’s Single Out Now!


Empty Bottles is Mad Painter’s Single Out Now

Alex Gitlin – keyboards, vocals Al Nahabedian – guitar Kenne Highland – bass Al Hendry – drums Julie Gee and Sharon Crumrine – backing vocals

Mad Painter is a new band in the Boston area, deeply rooted in the melodic rock tradition of the 1970s. They play mostly original music, ranging from Woodstock-era psychedelic rock to glam- tinged rock’n’roll a-la Mott the Hoople and the Faces and to epic heavy anthems in the vein of Uriah Heep. It consists of four individuals with wildly ranging backgrounds.

Empty Bottles if the new single from the upcoming third Mad Painter album.

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