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End of Pretty is Secret Emchy Society’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Forget the studio polish – Secret Emchy Society’s latest single, “End of Pretty,” is a raw and electrifying live recording captured at the Spanish Ballroom.

End of Pretty is Secret Emchy Society’s Single Out Now

The energy crackles from the very first strum of the guitar and shows the undeniable alchemy this band creates onstage.

Cindy Emch’s voice anchors the track, a smoky whisper blending with the rhythmic strumming.

The song evokes a powerful sense of nostalgia, like stumbling upon a forgotten box of faded Polaroids and reliving cherished memories in a bittersweet rush.

This is folk balladry at its finest – simple, honest, and brimming with raw emotion.

The guitar solo deserves a special mention. It’s a short but impactful burst of inspiration, perfectly complemented by the harmonica that tells its own story alongside the melody.

Listening to “End of Pretty” is like being transported right into the heart of a Secret Emchy Society live performance – the energy, the connection, the shared experience – it’s all there.

If this track is any indication, catching Secret Emchy Society live must be an unforgettable experience. So, do yourself a favor and follow their journey – you won’t regret it.

End of Pretty is Secret Emchy Society’s Single Out Now!


A love letter to one of our favorite venues on tour – this Secret Emchy Society tune has evolved in many directions over the years – but this take captured something really special.

Secret Emchy Society has been named by TheBoot.com as one of the Ten Queer Country Bands for Real Country Music Fans to Listen To, a quadruple nominee for Best Live Band by the Bay Area Reporter, is featured in the documentary Lavender Outlaws, and landed in End of Year ‘Best Of’ lists from No Depression, Concert Hopper, and the Atlanta Auditory Association.

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