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Epiales is Phasma’s Album | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s Featured Duo is Phasma and their Album Epiales.

Epiales is Phasma’s Album | Indie Music

The sonic violence of this band hits you straight like a punch in the face.

This music is powerful and epic with no strings attached. Phasmas are not here to play around. We are faced with 2 professionals with a highly developed artistic vision.

Epiales is a mature album where all the songs are solid. The sound is devastating like a tank. In some moments, however, Phasmas make you catch your breath with pauses in which mysterious and ethereal keys take you to another dimension.

It is as if in this sonic cyclone every now and then you found yourself exactly in the eye, in the center of the storm.

This music always manages to keep you in tension because you know that on this journey into the underworld there will be no Virgil to guide you as he did with Dante in the Divine Comedy.

The interpretation and musical performance are absolutely perfect.

Epiales is Phasma’s Album Out Now!


Epiales is Phasma’s Album | Indie Music

Greek-American extreme metal outfit Phasma are pushing their limits on their new album, Epiales. Building on the foundation they set on their debut, eponymously-titled album in 2018, Phasma fuse different styles of extreme music into an amalgam that is aggressive and entrancing. Phasma began in 2018, founded by Greek multi-instrumentalist Jason Athanasiadis. Musically, the project takes influence from black metal bands like Zhrine, Aoratos, Akhlys and Svartidaudi in addition to ambient and experimental figureheads Sunn O))), Brian Eno and William Beksinski.

As a trained jazz musician, Athanasiadis has a unique style of composition. Vocalist Luis Ferre cites Job for a Cowboy, Despised Icon and Cobalt as his main influences, further diversifying the core of Phasma. Ripping black-death metal, chugging deathcore and mechanical industrial dance with ambient sounds, positioning Phasma as modern innovators and a force to be reckoned with in their niche. In the world of progressive, extreme music, Phasma are undeniable.

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