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Final Form is Spitbite’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Forget the intro – Spitbite explodes onto the scene with “Final Form,” a song that grabs you by the throat from the start.

Final Form is Spitbite’s Single Out Now

This isn’t a track for the faint of heart; it’s a sonic avalanche delivered by a band of undeniably skilled musicians.

The guitar riff is a powerhouse, setting the tone for a song that’s tight, intense, and overflowing with raw energy.

The rhythm section is a powerhouse of its own, with a pulse-pounding drumbeat and a bassline that locks in perfectly, creating a relentless sound.

Vocally, Spitbite throws some curveballs. In the verses, there’s a hint of bands like Tears for Fears in their delivery, but then the chorus hits, taking a sharp turn into unexpected grunge territory.

This isn’t a band content to follow a single path; they’re fearless innovators carving their own sonic niche.

Around the 1:50 mark, Spitbite throws another twist. They play with the rhythm, creating a clever and captivating build-up that leads perfectly into the guitar solo.

Here, the band truly flexes their musical muscle. The heavy guitar wails with an intensity that mirrors the raw emotion of the song, while the drums and bass keep the energy unstable to build tension.

“Final Form” is a masterclass in controlled chaos. It’s a song that showcases Spitbite’s impressive musicianship, their undeniable creativity, and their willingness to push boundaries.

This is a band to watch, and “Final Form” is a single that demands to be heard.

Final Form is Spitbite’s Single Out Now!


Final Form is Spitbite’s Single Out Now

SPITBITE is a Pittsburgh-based rock trio. The sound is loud and cathartic, but songs are the priority. Formed in 2023, they are currently recording their debut EP and booking shows in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Daryl Shawn plays guitar and sings, Pat Herron plays bass, Jesse Tranfo plays drums. Jesse is known for his work in the Portland-based band The Hague and currently plays in Trace Remains. Pat has been a long-time member of Aberrant Kingdom. Daryl has released seven albums of solo guitar compositions and also plays in surf group The Killifish.

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