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From The Ashes is Holy Høly & NUN’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Holy Høly’s “From The Ashes” is a tune filled with ethereal melodies, captivating vocals, and an atmosphere that transports the listener to a realm of dreams and introspection.

From The Ashes is Holy Høly & NUN’s Single Out Now

 The song’s architect, Ewa Baran, possesses an otherworldly voice that has the power to pierce through the soul, evoking emotions that words alone cannot capture.

From the opening notes, the song establishes an ethereal ambience, with delicate key chords that set the stage for Baran’s mesmerizing vocals.

Her voice, both haunting and angelic, glides over the melody. The collaboration with NUN is fantastic, as their combined talents elevate the song to even greater heights.

NUN’s production expertise adds depth and texture to the arrangements, while his songwriting sensibilities complement Baran’s perfectly, creating a cohesive and emotionally resonant work of art.

The accompanying music video encapsulates the song’s ethereal essence, a drone that follows bikers over breathtaking landscapes. The visuals mirror the song’s ability to transport the listener to a realm of introspection and self-discovery.

“From The Ashes” is a song that demands to be experienced in its entirety. It’s a journey that will leave you feeling cleansed, inspired, and connected to your own inner strength.

From The Ashes is Holy Høly’s Single Out Now!


From The Ashes is Holy Høly & NUN’s Single Out Now

Ewa Baran a.k.a. Holy Høly! is a composer, pianist, bassist, and vocalist known for projects such as Regresja (acid jazz), Superid (post-rock), and She Fits Me (electro/downtempo/trip-hop). She is associated with the Barcelona label Diffuse Reality Records (Hard Times) and the Italian Cultural Bridge. Currently, she is working on her solo album “#262626” – downtempo electronica with a touch of trip-hop and elements of glitch, nu jazz, and smooth vocals. She is also working on an ambient album in a duet with Daniel Löwen.

Vocally, she complements the album DXCV3R – the solo project of one half of the duo ThunderFuzz. In this duo, she will also appear on the compilation “Music From Poland” by go! boys records (a label by Tomasz Grochola from Agressiva69). She participated in the “Taki Pejzaż” project by the Polin Choir and Dominik Strycharski, and appears in the backing vocals for soundtracks by Amaury Laurent Bernier.

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