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Gone is Harpa’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Harpa wastes no time setting the vibe on her new single, “Gone.”

Gone is Harpa’s Single Out Now

A searing guitar riff explodes from the speakers, instantly grabbing the listener’s attention and announcing a new musical chapter.

Harpa’s vocals echo the intensity of the instrumentation, drawing comparisons to the raw power of Evanescence’s Amy Lee.

The overall mood of “Gone” is undeniably intense, yet undeniably refined. The band expertly crafts a soundscape that perfectly complements Harpa’s commanding vocals.

Hints of late 90s and early 2000s alternative rock peek through, adding a layer of nostalgia and charm to the song’s modern edge.

But Harpa infuses “Gone” with more than just raw power. Ethereal piano passages weave their way into the song’s fabric, creating moments of breathtaking atmosphere.

Especially in the melodic line of the vocals, glimpses of Incubus’ sensibilities emerge, reminding us of Harpa’s versatility as an artist.

The song truly shines during the guitar solo, a masterclass in technical skills that showcases the band’s musical muscle.

“Gone” serves as a powerful showcase of Harpa’s chameleon-like ability to shape-shift between musical styles, all while maintaining a strong and distinct identity.

Gone is Harpa’s Single Out Now!


Gone is Harpa’s Single Out Now

Harpa is an established singer songwriter in Nottingham UK.
With an impressive range and control, and her beautifully stirring tone, Harpa has quickly caught the industry’s attention. Signed to DooBeDoo Music, Harpa has spent the past few years honing her craft and developing her repertoire. She is ready to share her sound and story with the world, and she has us all with bated breath.

“This was really the first track we’d written as a band and without me having lyrics first. Our guitarist Rob came up with this nu-metal-esque opening riff, and I’d been super eager to write a heavier song.
So the band got together and the lyrics just owed out of me. Gone is about a friend I had, who I always thought was better than me. I’d constantly compare myself to her. After that friendship ended it took me a long time to shake that feeling, but eventually, I came to see her for what she was. It’s kind of a message to her, saying I’m no longer waiting around for you to come back. I’m moving on.”

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