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GTFO is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Brace yourselves, because Jane N’ The Jungle is giving you the maelstrom this time with “GTFO.”

GTFO is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single Out Now

 The aptly titled track explodes from the speakers like a monsoon downpour, with a thick guitar riff that punches you in the gut.

This is a full-on sonic tank, perfectly capturing the raw frustration of the song’s title.

Jordan’s vocals are a force of nature. They snarl and soar with equal intensity, mirroring the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with needing to scream “Get the F**k Out!”

The rhythm section lays down a foundation that’s as solid as an anvil, with drums that pound like a blacksmith’s hammer.

Then comes the guitar solo. Forget scales and technical wizardry – this is a primal scream given form, a searing blade of sound that cuts through the mix.

 “GTFO” is pure energy, a cathartic release for anyone who’s ever needed to purge their anger. It’s a reminder that sometimes, our instincts are right, and we need to get ourselves out of a bad situation, no matter how loud we have to yell.

This is a fantastic headbanger but there is more, though. There’s a sense of liberation in “GTFO,” a freedom that comes with letting go of negativity. It’s a song that validates the primal urge to roar, a feeling we can all relate to.

GTFO is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single Out Now!


GTFO is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single Out Now

Formed as a garage rock band in 2013 with childhood friends Jordan White and Brian Dellis.   The band has an unquenched thirst for communication that demands attention with powerful lead vocals and guitars that cut like a knife, with a take no prisoners attitude influenced by a combination of alternative rock, metal and a touch of Punk.

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