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Homeward Bound is Riggs Road Revival’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Riggs Road Revival straps you in and floors the gas with their new single, “Homeward Bound.”

Homeward Bound is Riggs Road Revival’s Single Out Now

 From the opening notes, it’s an epic, almost ethereal journey that evokes a sense of wide-open spaces and boundless freedom.

This is music for cruising down endless highways, the sun on your face and the wind whipping through your hair.

The song blends rock energy with classic Western influences. Soaring guitar arpeggios and driving riffs build a powerful foundation, while the passionate vocals practically scream out for adventure.

Then comes the guitar solo – an eruption of emotion that perfectly captures the rebellious spirit at the heart of the track.

“Homeward Bound” is an experience. It awakens a deep yearning for wide-open spaces and the thrill of the open road.

It’s a call to break free from the mundane and embrace the unknown. This is a track that deserves a spot on every road trip playlist, and a band that demands your attention.

Homeward Bound is Riggs Road Revival’s Single Out Now!

Pure Freedom!

Riggs Road Revival brings a rhythm & roll brand of rock with more than just a touch of outlaw running through their veins. With roots originating in the Baltimore Washington area, spanning multiple rock genres and several decades, the music is fronted by lyrics that bring a blend of swagger & salty optimism. The music tells the story of where the boys have been, where they are now, and offers a glimpse of where the road ahead leads.

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