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I Lie Awake at Night and Wait for You is Evran’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Evran and his single I Lie Awake at Night and Wait for You.

I Lie Awake at Night and Wait for You is Evran‘s Single

The music of this artist took me far and made me fly with my imagination.

While listening to the magical melody of I Lie Awake at Night and Wait for You I flew over the immense Norwegian forests and wandered through the fjords and mountain peaks.

We are certainly dealing with a great producer, and composer. Evran’s music is of absolute quality.

The attention to every detail is maniacal and the chord progression and the melody intuitions are never banal and obvious.

I honestly found no flaws in Evran’s music. This artist offers a professional music product.

In some moments his compositional style reminded me of U2, especially for the sounds and guitar riffs that made me think of The Edge.

The vocal interpretation is intriguing and moving. A nice discovery that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.

I Lie Awake at Night and Wait for You is Evran‘s Single Out Now!


I Lie Awake at Night and Wait for You is Evran‘s Single

Evran is an Norwegian bedroom artist/producer. After numerous music projects & bands, and a computer filled with his own demos & sketches, Gøran Skage created “Evran” to release the unused material. Fueled by the desire to share his music he started 2019 by going through the material that he had accumulated throughout the years, to find songs to re-write & finish, while simultaneously writing new songs. He released the melancholic piano track Breathe Again in June of 2019, starting the adventure and inviting people into his world. He followed up with the grand Pop Rock song Villains in the Night at the start of 2020 is described as “cinematic, emotional & uniquely devilish. The song made it to the semi final of the ISC the same year. When the pandemic hit Evran found himself in a haze of nostalgic memories due to isolation. He found inspiration in this and started writing what will be his debut album. During the pandemic Evran also released the ghostly Radiohead-esque track Your Presence is Haunting. Based on a track from a soundtrack he had written to a short film a few years prior.

Finding it hard to label his music, Evran draws inspiration from many bands/artists and many genres. Saying “if it has some magic to it, I will pursue it, no matter the genre” His songs ranges from a low acoustic whisper to a grand anthem of synths, strings & delay guitars. All topped of with soaring emotional vocals. Evran always strives to find those moments where music turns into magic.

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