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Illusio Veri is Me & Melancholy’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Hit play on Illusio Veri, the album by Me & Melancholy, and you’re instantly transported.

Illusio Veri is Me & Melancholy’s Album Out Now

The opening track throws you right into an 80s roller rink, complete with neon lights, legwarmers, and a trusty Walkman pumping out tunes.

The artist’s clear love of music history shines through, with shades of Alphaville and Bronski Beat swirling together in a vibrant sonic cocktail.

This isn’t just a nostalgia trip, though. Illusio Veri pulsates with an energy that makes you want to dance until your feet give out.

It’s music for the night owls, the ones who thrive after dark when the world slows down. The album’s strength lies in its variety.

Tracks like “My Bucket of Things to Do Before I Die,” “24 Hour Square,” and “The Chosen Few” are pure, unadulterated dancefloor anthems, each tinged with a touch of wistfulness.

But Me & Melancholy isn’t afraid to slow things down. “Meant to Be Broken” and “When the Morning Comes” are introspective ballads that pack a serious emotional punch.

A personal favourite is “All the Money in the World,” a hypnotic, dystopian number that wouldn’t feel out of place on a John Carpenter soundtrack.

Every song on Illusio Veri is a gem, making this album a true discovery. Me & Melancholy is an artist to watch.

Illusio Veri is Me & Melancholy’s Album Out Now!


Illusio Veri is Me & Melancholy’s Album Out Now

Me & Melancholy is the brainchild of musician and producer Peter Ehrling, a one-man project that delves into the world of electronic music with a focus on melancholic, synth-based sounds. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Me & Melancholy was derived from Gränsen, established in 2022 and draws inspiration from some of the most influential synthpop and new wave bands of the 80s and 90s, including New Order & Depeche Mode as well as indie bands from 90s and today such as Radiohead, Pavement & Bloc Party.

This unique blend of retro and contemporary sounds creates a nostalgically upbeat and introspective atmosphere in each Me & Melancholy release. As a self-taught musician, Peter has always had a passion for electronic music and the endless possibilities it offers for creativity and self-expression. Through Me & Melancholy, he has honed his skills as a producer, creating a sound that is uniquely his own while still paying tribute to his musical influences. With a dedication to creating emotive, thought-provoking music, Me & Melancholy is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans of electronic music.

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