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In Heaven is Robert Jordan’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Stepping into Robert Jordan’s “In Heaven” is like embarking on a sonic odyssey, a journey that blends the familiar with the refreshingly new.

In Heaven is Robert Jordan’s Single Out Now

 The song opens with an invigorating rhythm, instantly setting the mood for an immersive listening experience.

As Jordan’s vocals grace the air, one can’t help but draw parallels to the legendary Lou Reed and the enigmatic David Bowie, both in his lyrical delivery and vocal tone.

The true brilliance of “In Heaven” lies in its chorus, where ethereal pads transport the listener to a new reality.

This unexpected shift evokes a sense of Moby’s signature new-age inspired soundscapes, blending into the classic alternative rock framework of the song.

Yet, there’s an undeniable futuristic edge to “In Heaven,” hinting at a musical evolution that Jordan is poised to embrace.

The song’s ability to transport listeners to a metaphysical place, as the title suggests, is a testament to Jordan’s artistry.

“In Heaven” is an invitation to escape the mundane and delve into the depths of one’s emotions.

In Heaven is Robert Jordan’s Single Out Now!


“This is a dark song with a good beat and soulful vocals, a Doors or Bowie vibe.” – Robert Jordan

Veteran singer-songwriter Robert Jordan, a Boulder resident who began his musical journey later in life, is back with his sophomore album, “Vincent and Theo.” This release follows his 2019 debut, “Time Will Tell.”

“Vincent and Theo” was recorded at Far and Away Studios in Boulder under the guidance of Geoff Gray, a seasoned engineer with a five-decade career. Gray’s experience includes collaborations with renowned artists, and most recently, the Colorado band Firefall. The album’s production is entrusted to David Snider, another veteran with five decades of experience as a studio musician and member of numerous jazz bands. Snider’s musical pedigree includes teenage guitar lessons from jazz legend Larry Coryell, participation on Janis Ian’s award-winning album “Between the Lines,” and his current role as keyboardist for Carlos Santana.

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