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Infranyms is The Earthly Frames’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
There’s a delightful surprise tucked away in the concept behind The Earthly Frames’ latest album, “Infranyms.”

Infranyms is The Earthly Frames’ Album Out Now

Each instalment in his “Rainbow Table” project tackles a different color, and this time, indigo is the protagonist. Forget a typical collection of songs – “Infranyms” is a full-on musical odyssey.

The experience feels akin to Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” with The Earthly Frames acting as our own Virgil, guiding us through this intricate soundscape.

Echoes of David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, and Brian Eno shimmer throughout the album, but pinning down a genre is futile. This is music that defies definition. Close your eyes, surrender to the sonic current, and let The Earthly Frames be your guide.

Traces of 80s gothic rock add a touch of darkness to the ethereal, enigmatic atmosphere. Each track feels like a coded message waiting to be unraveled. “Infranyms” can spark neurons and conjure dreamlike visions.

A standout is “Row, Lathe, Halo,” where the interplay of voices casts a spellbinding hypnosis. The meticulously curated soundscapes on this track are pure sonic levitation.

Another gem, “Dim Scar,” unfolds like a futuristic lament. Lush pads and a melancholic melody evoke waves crashing on a distant shore.

“Reclusive Knot” injects a jolt of energy, merging the spirits of The Cure, The Beatles, and Bowie into a gloriously nostalgic tune.

This isn’t just an album; it’s an experience highly recommended for anyone seeking a truly unique sonic adventure.

Infranyms is The Earthly Frames’ Album Out Now!


The Earthly Frames is recording artist Gabriel Walsh. Infranyms is the seventh album in Walsh’s series The Rainbow Table — a decade-plus endeavor to create an LP for each color of the classic ROYGBIV mnemonic. Infranyms occupies the much-debated indigo spectrum of The Rainbow Table. Many speculate Sir Isaac Newton only added this half-way color to align with a grander pattern he saw in observation and the occult. Infranyms celebrates this gloriously unverifiable assertion in measure and mystery.

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