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J Dulva and Missy Benoit Project is J Dulva’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The collaboration between J Dulva and Missy Benoit in their self-titled album, “J Dulva and Missy Benoit Project,” invites listeners on a serene journey into the folk world.

J Dulva and Missy Benoit Project is J Dulva’s Album Out Now

 The album is an exploration of genuine musical craftsmanship, characterized by Missy’s enchanting voice and J Dulva’s masterful arrangements. Each track offers a sense of authenticity and calm, making it an ideal escape from the chaos of everyday life.

From the opening track, the listener is immediately drawn into a world where the stresses of modern life seem to melt away.

One standout track, “Tennessee Waltz,” evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of a quaint village festival where people dance together under the evening sky, beer in hand. The simplicity and warmth of this song make it a highlight of the album.

“Jack and Me” showcases J Dulva’s vocal talents, bringing a vintage charm that feels like it emerged from an old radio. His singing style adds a unique layer to the album, creating a delightful contrast with Missy’s vocals.

“Summertime” features Missy Benoit taking the lead, delivering a fresh interpretation of a beloved classic. Her voice, paired with Dulva’s arrangement, brings new life to the song.

Perhaps the most striking track is “The End Of The World.” Maybe I’m crazy but I would see this tune fitting for a dystopian film soundtrack, like when in horror movies they put a classical track in a splatter scene. That contrast would be magical.

The album concludes with “Thoughts of a Kaufman County Cowboy,” the sole instrumental piece, showcasing J Dulva’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist.

This track highlights his versatility and ability to convey emotion without words, closing up the album on a reflective and serene note.

J Dulva and Missy Benoit Project is J Dulva’s Album Out Now!


This release is by the duo of J Dulva and Missy Benoit. Missy sings on 6 of the songs on this album. J Dulva provides vocals and plays multiple instruments on the album, including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, violin, banjo, piano and dobro.

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