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Directed by Chris Mariotti
Playback Scenes Directed by Laura Fantuzzi
Editing by Chris Mariotti


Valeria Girardi
Alberto Ghedina
Federico Adami
Giacomo Canale

A girl is kidnapped by a gang of mugs. They take her into the woods and decide to play a macabre game. She will be the prey and they will be the hunters. The girl is freed and starts running trying to survive the hunt. The prey will find in the forest the strength to react and fight her enemies back. Will she be able to save herself? A twist will decide the outcome of this story…

“The song’s lyrics speak about a personal surreal experience. I felt that I was almost dying because of a strong tachycardia, I was floating out of this reality in a parallel universe. After 2 hours I found my way home and I came back changed” Chris Mariotti.

Calikush Lyrics

Living my life
for the second time
I’m feeling it, feeling it
Another chance
to make it right
and learn from it
learn from it
and while the time
goes by
the monster inside me
walks by my side
never leaves, never leaves

You are the one
for whom I survived
while I was sick
I’m sick
I saw you there
bargaining my time
on this earth
in your heart
all that I told you
wasn’t a lie
I’m dealing with it
and I need more time
only time, there’s no time

la la la

no please don’t say
if you are not there
I don’t know where to hide
and your smile
makes me cry

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