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Not Your Guinea Pig

Not Your Guinea Pig Synopsis

I will try to save the world from King Igigi’s evil plans.

The video is inspired by the mythological traditions of the Sumerians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. The Anunnaki (Sumerian Gods of Heaven) creators of the world had as servants the Igigi (young Gods) who were used to perform various tasks.
The Igigi, tired of submitting to the will of the Anunnaki, decided to rebel but were defeated. The Igigi were downgraded and replaced and the Anunnaki created the Humans who became their servants…yes if you haven’t figured it out yet we are just slaves, it seems to me quite evident given the world we are living in…excuse the digression.

King Igigi, helped by his faithful servant Sammy Charon (name inspired by Charon of the Divine Comedy), after centuries of shadow wants to bring his lineage to power but to do so he must first destroy the Humans.
The only hope for the human race is Virgil Hunter, played by me…(since I make videos I try to give me some cool roles :))…who will try to save the world.
Maybe in the future he will even challenge the Anunnaki to finally set men free, but this is another episode.

So for the second time I will save you, the first time I did it with Nibiru (see Nibiru by Edgar Allan Poets on Youtube).
You can thank me in the comments.

Ah I forgot in the video I planted a syringe on Bill Gates’ forehead because I don’t really like the idea of a nerd trying to become a doctor… men are not PCs and I’m nobody’s guinea pig.


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