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Shiver, Celebrities’ Demons, a 360 video filmed at the Youtube Space L.A on Stage number 1 #Room301. This Youtube Hotel set has been the perfect location for the new single Shiver by Edgar Allan Poets. We speak about the Demons of the Celebrities, their wonderful lives are really so wonderful? They struggle with their success, they live in a limbo where reality and imagination are mixed, they don’t know why they have so much success and they escape from this situation using drugs or alcohol. This is the Story of Johnny DOPE and Amber Crazy Heart 2 famous celebrities that during Halloween 2016 will face for the first time their fears, their demons.

#Halloween #Room301 #YouTubeVR #WhatIsYourWorstFear #360 #Halloween2016 #Halloween16.


Mark Anthony Collins Jr (Johnny)
Jennifer Ann Gulotta (Amber)
David Delagarza (Drug Dealer)
Laura Fantuzzi (Hotel Manager)
Silvia Baldassini (Fan)
Robert Broski (Abraham Lincoln)
Kevin Michaels (Paparazzo)
Javier Ortiz ( Paparazzo)
David Jankowski (Receptionist)
Directed By: Chris Mariotti
Recorded with: SAMSUNG GEAR 360.

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