Those Who Care

Ted Bundy’s daughters escaped from the psychiatric hospital and now they are kidnapped by an old man. Who is this man? Why the girls are there? They suffered a lot during their childhood because of the bad reputation of their father. To be the daughters of a serial killer can ruin your life forever. These two girls were unable to manage the stress and the memories and they went crazy…the genes of their father are running in their blood.
The lonely old man was looking for company, he wanted to have friends but he met the wrong persons…he is the prey or the executioner?
This video has been directed by Chris Mariotti (Edgar Allan Poets) and filmed at the Youtube Space L.A facilities.
The Actors are:
Jack Nelson as Jack The Old Man…
Christina Jacquelyn Calph as Lilith Bundy…
Valerie Sakmary as Clarice Bundy

Those Who Care Lyrics:

It was summer that day
But it seemed so cold instead
We were soldiers, I guess
But not fighters anymore
Then she went out
And I heard that stupid song
Like an omen
those words I live upon

those who care, those who don’t
those who dare, those who won’t

Waiting for summertime
I spend my life in vain
Again and again
Her silence makes me insane
Now the sunset
is turning off the lights
I’m aware that
her strength has left me blind

those who care, those who don’t
those who dare, those who won’t

I’m feeling like you
and have no mercy
You are feeling like me
that’s way you are fading
Ask me nothing but deep
and great revenge
Now she knocks on my door
And that’s the end

Those who care, those who don’t
Those who dare, those who don’t

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