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Love Ain’t Free is Andy Smythe’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
With that enchanting melody of the violin, Andy Smythe’s new single, “Love Ain’t Free,” immediately evokes a sense of tradition within the folk genre.

Love Ain’t Free is Andy Smythe’s Single Out Now

Known for delving into profound themes, Smythe once again delivers a lyrical narrative that cuts deep.

In the wake of Brexit, the repercussions are now palpable, and “Love Ain’t Free” serves as a reflection of the challenges faced by many.

The enthusiasm that once fueled the Brexit movement now confronts the harsh reality of its consequences.

For those whose hearts reach beyond the borders of the U.K., love itself becomes ensnared in the web of restrictive regulations.

In a world that strives for increasing freedom, Smythe exposes the harsh truth that for many, freedom remains elusive.

Through his emotive lyrics and stirring composition, he sheds light on the struggles endured by those directly affected by such limitations.

But “Love Ain’t Free” offers a glimmer of hope. Its uplifting tempo gives hope, guiding listeners through the darkness of uncertainty.

Love Ain’t Free is Andy Smythe’s Single Out Now!


‘Love Ain’t Free’ is a song about the difficulties post-Brexit that Brits are experiencing who would like to marry an EU citizen and bring them to live with them in the UK. This involves having £30000 in a bank account or a highly paid job if you’d like your EU spouse to come and live with you on Brexit Island! As such this is a protest song bemoaning the plight of young people in a post-Brexit world where they’ve been priced out of the property market and are now to some extent priced out of falling in love.

Andy Smythe is a British singer/songwriter who has been active on the London folk scene since the ‘90s. London, however, isn’t Smythe’s hometown; he is originally from Shropshire, England. But London is where Smythe developed a small but enthusiastic following. Known for his reflective, contemplative lyrics, Smythe has a variety of influences — some British, some American, some neither British nor American. In the British media, Smythe has often been compared to the late Nick Drake, and other valid comparisons have included DonovanTim Buckley, and Van Morrison (who is neither British nor American but rather, Irish). Smythe has cited Bob Dylan as an inspiration, and in fact, there are echoes of the seminal Dylan in some of Smythe’s lyrics (although Dylan has a rougher, harder, grittier vocal style, while Smythe’s expressive singing tends to be on the gentle side). At times, Smythe incorporates Celtic elements, which explains why he has enjoyed some favorable coverage in the Irish media.


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