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Mannequin Deposit is The House Flies’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The House Flies have a knack for surpassing expectations, and with “Mannequin Deposit,” they’ve done it again.

Mannequin Deposit is The House Flies’ Album Out Now

This album is a full-blown artistic experience. Every element, from the detailed arrangements to the deep, introspective lyrics, is well thought out, creating a dense atmosphere.

The opening track, “She Hums Mozart,” sets the atmosphere. A psychedelic guitar riff, grandiose and swirling, pulls you in from the first note. The intro stretches out, building anticipation before the vocals emerge.

Deeply buried in the mix, the voice adds to the song’s hypnotic effect, creating a dreamlike state that lingers for the entire duration.

“Sequin” explodes with raw energy, a potent dose of alternative rock that showcases The House Flies’ versatility.

Here, a comparison to Grant Lee Buffalo feels apt – both bands share a knack for crafting intense, guitar-driven anthems.

But “Mannequin Deposit” isn’t just about power. Tracks like “Queen Underground” and “Hounds” tap into a twilight aesthetic, their melodies imbued with a melancholic beauty.

These songs are where the band’s twilight vibes truly shine, evoking a sense of longing and introspection.

The album closes with a bang on “Ghosts Will Speak Again.” This haunting track features a deep, heavy rhythm that compels you to move, even if it’s just a slow head sway.

All the tunes in this album are fantastic…it is difficult to pick a favourite.

Mannequin Deposit is The House Flies’ Album Out Now!


Mannequin Deposit is The House Flies’ Album Out Now

The House Flies are: Alex Riggen – Vocals and Guitar Nick Pompou – Drums Ozzie Woods – Bass

A side project of the members of the grunge metal act, Murnau, The House Flies take influence from goth and death rock legends. Bass and drum driven with plenty of atmosphere.

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