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Marvelous Cave Pool Found In The USA

An extraordinary network of caves has been discovered in the depths of a national park in the United States.

Marvelous Cave Pool Found In The USA

Following this discovery, an expedition was organized into what are called the “virgin” cave passages in the park, which has long been renowned for its complex rock structures filled with stalactite wax-like rock formations.

The explorers have discovered something extraordinary: an isolated pool of milky blue water untreated by humans, located about 215 meters underground, as reported by the Daily Star Online.

The mysterious “blue pool” has been described as “a beautiful view” by park employees at Carlsbad Caverns, located in New Mexico.

There are bacterial colonies around the pool
Carlsbad Caverns announced the discovery on Facebook this week, calling the site found inside the Lechuguilla cave “completely untouched”.

Geoscientist Max Wisshak, who led the expedition, wrote that the edges below this pool appear to be characterized by bacterial colonies that have completely evolved without human presence ”.

Marvelous Cave Pool Found In The USA

Wisshak led the expedition in October 2019 together with a team of specialized explorers. Rodney Horrocks, head of natural and cultural resources at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, told local media that the pool “was isolated for hundreds of thousands of years and had never seen the light before it was found.”

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