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Meine Liebe is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
John Beckmann, the visionary behind Mortal Prophets, brings to life the most interesting experiment.

Meine Liebe is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now

“Meine Liebe” shows a fascinating exploration that blends curiosity with a hefty dose of dark intrigue.

The story behind the EP is best heard straight from Beckmann himself, but for now, let’s hit play and dive into this sonic journey.

The opening track is what ignited this creative fire, a striking combination of vintage vinyl crackle and a melody that’s equal parts charming and unsettling.

An operatic voice soars above the electronic pulse, a brilliant juxtaposition that sets the tone for what’s to come.

As we progress, Mortal Prophets’ interpretation takes centre stage. The atmosphere feels carefully curated.

“Cologne 77” offers a more modern take, driven by a pulsating rhythm. But it’s “Belgian Club 79” that truly shines, with synths that perfectly complement the melody.

The trip-hop version takes a sharp turn, a chaotic and unsettling soundscape that’s undeniably captivating. “Titanic Last Waltz” delves even deeper into darkness, its haunting vocals beckoning like demons from the depths.

“Meine Liebe” is an intriguing musical odyssey, a genre-bending exploration that’s as inspiring as it is unsettling. Each reimagining feels like a carefully crafted world, pulling the listener deeper into Beckmann’s creative vision.

Meine Liebe is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now!


Meine Liebe is Mortal Prophets’ Ep Out Now

In a Munich record store in 2018, John Beckmann, frontman for the Mortal Prophets, unearthed a mysterious acetate record bearing the name “Meine Liebe.” It had no artist, no musician’s name, only the haunting strains of German opera mingled with European electronica and new-wave echoes. Entranced by its wild and untamed beauty, Beckmann guessed it hailed from 1977.

Yet despite his search, reaching out to historians of German Electronica, the creators of “Meine Liebe” remained shrouded in shadows. The enigma of the record sparked a fire in Beckmann. He vowed to revive and reimagine this lost musical artifact. He brought his discovery to David Sisko, a producer in New York City, and the project seized Sisko’s imagination too. Together, they journeyed to resurrect “Meine Liebe,” crafting a bold new EP.

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