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Mind Made Up is Distorted Waves’ Single Out Now

Good Day, Noir Family,
From the start of Distorted Waves’ single, “Mind Made Up,” it’s clear that this band is not here to mess around.

Mind Made Up is Distorted Waves’ Single Out Now

A powerful and direct guitar riff sets the stage, immediately grabbing the listener’s attention and establishing the band’s no-nonsense attitude.

As the rest of the band joins in, it becomes evident that Distorted Waves is a very interesting band.

With their refreshingly original approach, Distorted Waves blends genres, creating a sound that is familiar and new.

Hints of classic rock can be heard in their songwriting style, while ska and reggae rhythms add a touch of island flavor.

The band’s punk influences are undeniable, channelling the raw energy of bands like The Clash, while their melodic sensibilities recall the Beastie Boys. This unique sonic blend sets Distorted Waves apart from the crowd, making them a band to watch.

A particularly intriguing moment comes at the 1:50 mark, where a sudden shift in tempo creates a dynamic bridge that perfectly builds tension before transitioning back into the grand finale.

This unexpected twist showcases the band’s strong songwriting skills and their ability to keep the listener engaged.

“Mind Made Up” is a powerful and confident tune from Distorted Waves, a band that is clearly not afraid to push boundaries and experiment with different sounds.

Mind Made Up is Distorted Waves’ Single Out Now!


Mind Made Up is Distorted Waves’ Single Out Now

Distorted Waves are a new musical project that began releasing music in January 2024. They create a fusion of high-energy reggae, rock, punk, and ska. Their goal is to bridge the gap between the classic reggae grooves that people know and love and inject it with a modern high-energy influence.

Distorted Waves is a project purely built out of love of the music, and the fact that we have some things to say. We have full-time careers and put so much of our spare time into this project, sacrificing sleep and many other things to bring this dream to life. 

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