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MONEY is The Chris Ruben Band’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
When you press play on “MONEY,” the new single by The Chris Ruben Band, you’re immediately greeted by an infectious funky guitar riff that sets the atmosphere for the entire track.

MONEY is The Chris Ruben Band’s Single Out Now

The rhythmic groove locks in with the vocal melody in the verse, creating an instant hook.

The song showcases a sophisticated composition with a complex yet elegant harmonic structure.

It’s clear from the start that this piece is cared for in every minimum detail, avoiding any mundane or simplistic patterns. The progression of the track feels organic, with drum fills reminiscent of Chad Gracey from Live, adding an extra layer of dynamism.

The production is both crystal clear and energetic, allowing every nuance to shine through.

The intricate layering of sounds provides a rich, textured experience that keeps you engaged from start to finish. “MONEY” is a track that delivers an exhilarating ride, brimming with vitality and offering a superb musical journey.

MONEY is The Chris Ruben Band’s Single Out Now!

Wild and Free!

The Chris Ruben Band has been performing together since early 2015. The group comes from Long Island, New York and has 6 members. They are known for their high energy live shows, songs we can all sing along to, and a whole lot more. 2024 brings “An Incredible Forever,” an explosive new album that will blow you away.

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