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Mt. Pilot is The Finch Cycle’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bradley Murray’s artistic vision takes centre stage on “Mt. Pilot,” his album with The Finch Cycle.

Mt. Pilot is The Finch Cycle’s Album Out Now

Joined by a talented group of musicians, Murray crafts a unique musical journey that’s nostalgic and innovative.

The album opens with “Sarah Tone In,” a psychedelic and intense track with undeniable alternative and grunge influences.

A hypnotic guitar riff sets the scene, transporting the listener to a dystopian landscape. Imagine soaring above a ruined cityscape, the drone of a lone aircraft cutting through the desolate air – that’s the vivid imagery “Sarah Tone In” conjures.

“James Squared” takes a sharp turn with its fascinatingly unstable and syncopated guitar riff.

This avant-garde track throws in some intriguing rhythmic elements that might remind you of Queens of the Stone Age’s “No One Knows,” but with a distinctly unsettling atmosphere.

With “Parents and Friends,” the mood shifts yet again. Uplifting vibes take hold, with hints of the Dave Matthews Band sprinkled in.

This track shows Murray’s diverse songwriting abilities, demonstrating his talent for crafting songs that capture a wide range of emotions.

“Neuro Backpack” is my personal favourite. The background vocals here are truly mesmerizing, acting as haunting whispers that draw you deeper into the song’s sonic world.

Each track on “Mt. Pilot” feels like a distinct sonic exploration, solidifying the album’s strength and variety. This is a musical journey that rewards repeat listens, offering something new to discover with each spin.

Mt. Pilot is The Finch Cycle’s Album Out Now!


Mt. Pilot is The Finch Cycle’s Album Out Now

The Finch Cycle is a music project for Bradley Murray (ex-owner of Wireless Records, who also played in the band Sunny Disposition). The Finch Cycle is a blend of Brad’s experience in indie rock, and his love of post-rock. The result is a collection instrumental tracks which are formed from an indie-rock structure. Brad is based in Wangaratta, a regional city in Victoria, Australia.

The album was written, recorded and mixed throughout 2023 in homes in Ballarat, Bendigo and Wangaratta – all regional cities in Victoria, Australia.

Production by Bradley Murray
Guitars – Bradley Murray
Trombone – Brendan Bartlett
Drums – Michael Evans-Barker
Mastered by Andrew McLaughlin (@championmotorist)

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