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My Greatest Fears is Josefine Neumann’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Josefine Neumann’s latest album, “My Greatest Fears,” is a charming exploration of vulnerability and self-acceptance.

Josefine Neumann’s album “My Greatest Fears” is another stellar work from this young yet remarkably seasoned artist.

At such a tender age, Neumann has already found her unique musical voice—a feat that often takes years to achieve.

Her vocals convey a sense of solidity and confidence that never wavers, delivering an intense and controlled performance that promises an unforgettable experience for the listener.

One standout track is “Imperfection,” which is delicate, intense, and profoundly moving.

The title track, “My Greatest Fears,” features a vocal melody reminiscent of birds—bright, harmonious, and refreshingly original.

“Icarus,” drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, is another highlight with its simple yet intense piano accompaniment.

“Bottom of the Barrel” is a nostalgic tune that feels ethereal and introspective.

This album is a joy to experience, filled with fantastic songs that showcase Neumann’s undeniable talent and skills.

Neumann’s songwriting is both honest and relatable, capturing the universal human experience of grappling with self-doubt. The lyrics are infused with raw emotion, making it easy to connect with the singer’s journey.

The production is fantastic, allowing Neumann’s vocals and lyrics to shine through. The sparse instrumentation complements the song’s emotional depth, creating an intimate and personal listening experience.

This album showcases once again Josefine Neumann’s talent as a songwriter and vocalist.

My Greatest Fears is Josefine Neumann’s Album Out Now!


“My Greatest Fears” is the newest album from 16-year-old singer/songwriter Josefine Neumann, who wrote, performed and recorded all the original songs in by herself in her home studio. She’s completely self-taught and an emerging talent waiting to be discovered.

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