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Oh Anna! is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
The Cookie Jar Complot are undoubtedly a determined and well-organized Duo.

Oh Anna! is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Ep

I am always fascinated by bands that follow their artistic vision in a professional way… this obviously, in the long term, can make a difference and make them stand out from the crowd.

Surely this band is not lacking in talent. I was already pleasantly impressed by their music in the past and I must say that this EP confirms this impression.

The meticulousness with which Oh Anna! it was conceived is fantastic. There is obsessive attention to every little detail and the choice of sounds is very accurate.

What I like most about The Cookie Jar Complot is that they are always looking for something futuristic and innovative. For example, the gran finale of Oh Anna! ends with an unexpected trumpet solo.

The other song Corruption And Violence with that nostalgic and intense melody manages to describe the feelings created by the title. Here too, however, around 1.35 minutes, there is a bridge that reminded me of Brazil, and that somehow relieves the tension for a moment…intriguing artistic choice!

Absolutely reconfirmed!

Oh Anna! is The Cookie Jar Complot‘s Ep Out Now!


Oh Anna! is The Cookie Jar Complot’s Ep

Quote: “Oh Anna! is a fierce and energetic song about breaking rules and tradition by delivering the unexpected. Instruments are transformed into electrifying storytellers with granular and catchy synths, thumping bass lines, apocalyptic trumpets and a dash of playful melancholy just to sweeten the mesmerising feeling of liberation at the end.

The Cookie Jar Complot is an instrumental post to math- rock band from Luxembourg. Composed of the songwriting duo Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener, the band has been active since 2020 and has released their first EP Caviar Capital in 2021. Their music is flowing in dynamic rhythms, post-rock soundscapes and intertwined guitar melodies. Drawing from a rich palette of influences, The Cookie Jar Complot also looked to other Luxembourgish acts to find their musical voices. Both Gilles and Sven have played and written for multiple Luxembourg-based music acts in the past. Teaming up for The Cookie Jar Complot, their aim was to create compelling instrumental music that you can dance to. For live performances, Sven and Gilles have enlisted Philipp Colling on bass and Miko Buraczyk on guitar.

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