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Paladins’ Song is The DePatie Melt’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed The DePatie Melt in the past but this great artist is back with a new track and I want to share my opinion about it.

The energetic and powerful opening riff of this song immediately won me over.

This track made me feel like I was a knight in his castle who puts on his armor and is ready to go to fight.

The solos sometimes have medieval nuances, skilfully mixed with more modern moments that seem to tell the story of this knight and the emotions he felt during his adventurous life.

The strength of The DePatie Melt‘s music is its great expressiveness and the ability to tell stories without using a word.

The notes of the guitar are the lyrics and the impeccable musical arrangements are the backbone of the music composed by this incredible artist.

“Paladins’ Song” will literally take you to a parallel universe and make you forget about everyday problems.
Absolutely reconfirmed!

Paladins’ Song is The DePatie Melt’s Single Out Now!



Los Angeles-based guitarist John DePatie rolls out his 6th release, Paladins’ Song, with his group The DePatie Melt.

The song, an instrumental rocker with a slight Celtic feel, shows the influences of Steve Morse & The Dixie Dregs, Jimmy Page & Led Zeppelin, and Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits.

Of the title DePatie says, “When people hear the name of the song I’m often asked if I played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. I did for a time and that was the first time that I heard the term. I thought the song sounded like a knight putting on his armor, getting ready to fight and defend. I wanted the song to be the kind of thing that someone would put on first thing in the morning to get charged for their day.

John DePatie on acoustic and (lots of) electric guitars, Aaron Bagley on bass and mix, Todd Wolf on drums. Composed by John DePatie.

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