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Rogue Taxidermy is DropJaw Jacobites’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
DropJaw Jacobites aren’t your average band. Their album, “Rogue Taxidermy,” is a genre-smashing experience that will leave you bewildered and exhilarated.

Rogue Taxidermy is DropJaw Jacobites’ Album Out Now

The opening track, “Sole of Amen,” throws you headfirst into a world of desperation.

The slow, mournful beginning evokes the image of a slave toiling under the scorching sun. But then, a revolution erupts! The tempo explodes, mirroring the act of throwing off shackles and embracing freedom.

“Phlegm” is a chaotic whirlwind, a musical equivalent of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” on fast-forward. It’s a frantic, disorienting ride, but undeniably catchy.

“Pawn” takes a sharp turn into the sinister. Groovy basslines and ghostly vocals create an atmosphere straight out of a haunted crypt.

One of the album’s most striking features is its exceptional sound design. DropJaw Jacobites are sonic rebels, refusing to follow any one path. They blend genres, weaving traditional elements with a modern edge.

“Ecclesiastes” feels like a dark reimagining of Carmina Burana, with demonic energy coursing through its veins. Yet, tracks like “Pratityasamutpada Blues” retain a distinct Mississippi blues vibe, which gets a funky twist in “Stream of Coitusness.”

The album is a constant barrage of surprises. Dynamics and rhythms shift on a dime, keeping the listener guessing. Tracks like “Shave ‘Em Dry” and “Palsied Moons” showcase the band’s knack for crafting sly, catchy melodies amidst the madness.

The closer, “Pediculosis Pubis,” is a fittingly bizarre end to this wild ride. It’s a nightmarish blend of industrial noise and traditional music, perhaps the most outlandish moment on the album.

But that’s the beauty of “Rogue Taxidermy” – it’s an experience unlike any other, as unpredictable and unsettling as a Lars von Trier film.

Rogue Taxidermy is DropJaw Jacobites’ Album Out Now!


Rogue Taxidermy is DropJaw Jacobites’ Album Out Now

DropJaw Jacobites are: Wave Olevson: vocals, guitars, bass, Diddley bow, Whamola, percussion, occasional synths, and electronics. Elvis Pikovers: guitars, bass, Diddley bow, Whamola, percussion, drum programming, electronics, and occasional synths. Vlad the Paler: guitars, bass, drum programming, and occasional synths and electronics.

Rogue Taxidermy was inspired by its namesake art form of assembling strange and jaw-dropping creatures made up of different animal parts. It was also deeply inspired by Delta Blues, back in the days when the Mississippi delta was still in black and white. The creative process was driven by a burning need to prove that two handsome misfits with no musical education or talent could create something undeniable. Whether it’s undeniably genius or undeniably awful never mattered to us. We just wanted to put everything we had into every song until each song became a world you could walk into and stick around until you’ve used up all the oxygen in it. We think we did just that. 

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