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Sleazy Street is Bladderwrack’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bladderwrack isn’t messing around with their new single, “Sleazy Street.” The song explodes out of the gate with a driving bass line that lays down a thick groove.

Each snare hit feels like a punch in the gut, a wake-up call served loud and direct.

This is rock and roll stripped bare to its core, an urgent alarm clock that jolts you out of complacency.

The chorus explodes with a surprisingly catchy melody, epic in its own right. The juxtaposition between the aggressive verses and the soaring chorus is fantastic.

The guitar solo takes things a step further. Long, deliberate pauses punctuate the song’s relentless rhythm, creating moments of tension before launching back into the fray.

It’s more like a revolutionary march than a traditional rock song, building a sense of momentum and purpose.

Lyrically, Bladderwrack pulls no punches. They aim at corrupt politicians and the status quo, their lyrics a middle finger raised high. This isn’t a band interested in following the rules or fitting into any mainstream mold.

They’re forging their own path, song after song, and “Sleazy Street” is another example of their raw, uncompromising energy.

Sleazy Street is Bladderwrack’s Single Out Now!


Sleazy Street is Bladderwrack’s Single Out Now

Bladderwrack is a 3-man rant rock band playing hard rock protest music with uncompromising and unique lyrical content. Bladderwrack was formed as a reaction to the repellent events and specimens dominating our headlines and media, and every song is a tirade directed at a deserving muse.

Bladderwrack features a Victorian undertaker abusing a Gibson through a concoction of shuddering pedals while bellowing furiously through an overdriven microphone, a tall and slender man smashing all hell out of a bass and the thunderous backbone of a gravedigger who howls ferociously while punishing his drum kit. Sleazy Street is the first single from their new as yet untitled 10 track album, to be released on Urinal Vinyl later this year.

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