Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Solid Revolver is Broken Composers' Single Out Now
Solid Revolver is Broken Composers’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Brace yourselves for an auditory experience that will tickle your neurons and send your imagination into overdrive.

Solid Revolver is Broken Composers’ Single Out Now

Broken Composers’ “Solid Revolver” is a mind-bending exploration of futuristic atmospheres, designed to trigger otherworldly visions and metaphysical epiphanies.

The duo’s masterful sound design plunges you into a vortex of swirling synths, pulsating basslines, and haunting echoes.

The music has an almost hypnotic quality, its intricate rhythms and textures cast a spell that draws you deeper into its sonic universe.

As you close your eyes and surrender to the music, you can almost feel the physical vibrations of the sound resonating with your own heartbeat.

The eerie reverb creates a sense of disorientation as if you’re being transported to a parallel dimension.

There are moments in the track that recall the synth work of John Carpenter, but Broken Composers push the boundaries far beyond, infusing their music with a futuristic edge that feels both alien and familiar.

It’s as if they’re channelling a message from the future, a coded transmission that holds the potential to unlock new levels of human consciousness.

The production is masterful. The duo’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that every sound is perfectly placed, creating an immersive and otherworldly soundscape.

“Solid Revolver” is a journey into the depths of the human mind and the vast expanse of the cosmos. It’s a testament to the power of music to transport us beyond the confines of our reality and into realms of limitless possibility.

Solid Revolver is Broken Composers’ Single Out Now!


Solid Revolver is Broken Composers’ Single Out Now

Broken Composers is a duo of interdisciplinary artists, Kirill Rave and Vitali Yu.

Launched at the 2017 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, we are engaged in experimental media art, music, installations, and stage performances.

The radical aesthetic language we have developed aims to distort perception, breaking both ourselves and our viewers out of the everyday paradigm and routine, immersing everyone in an unfamiliar world where the usual system of coordinates does not work.

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