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Some Kind of Star is Emotion Kapture’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Emotion Kapture hits the ground running with their debut single, “Some Kind of Star.”

Some Kind of Star is Emotion Kapture’ Single Out Now

Right from the start, the song establishes a dark, intriguing atmosphere.

The haunting melody of the keys intertwines with a distorted guitar, creating an atmosphere that feels familiar and unsettling a perfect dystopian backdrop.

Then, the vocals kick in. Pete’s voice has a hypnotic quality, reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys in its delivery. But there’s a raw edge too, a hint of nostalgia that reflects the song’s vibes.

The songwriting itself is sharp and sophisticated. The arrangement is where things truly shine, with clear echoes of John Carpenter’s synth-heavy 80s sound.

The pulsating bass line perfectly locks in with the drums, creating a solid foundation that Tony, the multi-instrumentalist behind Emotion Kapture, uses to build a truly epic musical universe.

It’s clear that Tony and Pete are a perfect creative partnership. Tony’s musical expertise lays the groundwork, while Pete’s vocals and lyrics perfectly capture the song’s emotional core.

“Some Kind of Star” is a captivating glimpse into Emotion Kapture’s world, a world that’s hauntingly beautiful and unsettlingly familiar.

Some Kind of Star is Emotion Kapture’ Single Out Now!


Some Kind of Star is Emotion Kapture’ Single Out Now

Tony Denmade: All Instruments, Production. Pete Jago: Vocals.

Pete and Tony are both from the North West and began their collaboration after Tony responded to an ‘instrumentalists wanted by lyricist’ ad Pete had posted.

Emotion Kapture record at Tony’s home studio, in Warrington. Tony produces all the sounds, Pete writes the lyrics and sings most of the vocals. There is one song on the forthcoming album featuring backing vocals from a guest vocalist, other than that, everything is done in house.

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