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Something Special is Ben Konarov’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ben Konarov’s single “Something Special” radiates warmth and heartfelt emotion from the start.

Something Special is Ben Konarov’s Single Out Now

 This romantic ballad, reminiscent of Jack Johnson’s style, creates an uplifting atmosphere that naturally puts listeners in a good mood.

Konarov’s ability to organize and ignite a creative fire, involving a multitude of collaborators to bring his vision to life, is evident in this charming piece.

“Something Special” is crafted to be a love letter in musical form, perfect for dedicating to a significant other on Valentine’s Day or any day you wake up next to the person you love.

The collaboration between Gary Cubberley (Composer/Producer), Clay Collins (Vocalist), and Ben Konarov (Lyricist) results in a beautifully balanced song that feels sweet and sincere.

The simple arrangements and direct lyrics make “Something Special” accessible and touching.

The song’s gentle melodies and soothing vocals strike a chord with the listener, delivering a sense of intimacy and affection.

It’s a track that speaks directly to the heart, making it a memorable addition to any romantic playlist.

Something Special is Ben Konarov’s Single Out Now!


Something Special is Ben Konarov’s Single Out Now

This song is the result of a collaboration of the below people. Lyricist: Ben Konarov, Composer/Producer: Gary Cubberley, The
band: The Songbayteam The vocalist: Clay Collins

Ben Konarov has been writing lyrics since 2002; however, only pursued further upon finding the lyric to song service at Songbay (https://songbay.co/) at the start of 2022. Ben met Gary Cubberley through the Songbay’s website and this song is their eighth collaboration

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