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Sometimes is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
From the very first second, Lethia’s Natorium’s “Sometimes” grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go.

Sometimes is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now

 The drums pound relentlessly, the guitar and bass riff like a tank, and Lethia’s vocals soar above the chaos, creating an emotional rollercoaster that mirrors the lyrics’ theme of love and loss.

The song is a raw and honest exploration of the ups and downs of relationships. One day we crave the freedom of being single, the next we yearn for the warmth and companionship of another person.

Lethia captures this duality with deep lyrics that resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the complexities of love.

The music creates a sense of tension and urgency that mirrors the emotional turmoil of the song.

The punk-infused energy is infectious, and Lethia’s powerful vocals cut through the noise, demanding your attention.

“Sometimes” shows again Lethia’s ability to channel her raw emotions into powerful music.

She has a knack for creating songs that are personal and relatable, making her a voice for anyone who has ever felt lost or alone.

Sometimes is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now!


Sometimes is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now

Every person presents different sides of their own personalities, depending on each situation. The song, ‘Sometimes’ demonstrates this by outlining the contrasting moods for example, one moment the person wants to go partying, the next moment, they just want to stay at home and watch the television instead.


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