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Spilled Ink is The Shrines’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The crackle of a vinyl record sets the stage for The Shrines’ “Spilled Ink,” a song steeped in raw energy and a touch of mystery.

Spilled Ink is The Shrines’ Single Out Now

 From the start, the track oozes a renegade vibe, conjuring in my head images of a desperate chase through a desolate landscape.

The hypnotic cadence pulls the listener in, with the male vocalist acting as a narrator.

At 1:09, a subtle shift in harmony disrupts the initial tension. The second verse belongs to the female vocalist, her voice adding intrigue to the narrative.

The energy builds steadily, culminating in a searing shift around the 2:30 mark. Here, the song explodes with vibrant intensity, the two voices intertwining in a way that’s beautiful and unsettling.

“Spilled Ink” possesses a strange charm, a captivating blend of seductive melodies and sinister undertones.

It feels like a secret code being unraveled, a musical universe inspired by Nick Cave’s brooding baritone and Courtney Love’s raw, rebellious energy.

As the song progresses, the intensity builds relentlessly, culminating in a truly brilliant “guillotine finale” – a sharp, unexpected ending that leaves you wanting for more.

Spilled Ink is The Shrines’ Single Out Now!


Danish rock duo The Shrines have wanderlust in their veins. After letting their cool, Scandinavian rock sound mix with the raw vibes from Hamburg during two years in the German port city, the duo spent a year in Denmark completing their debut album, and is now traveling the world on a sailboat. In June 2022 the duo released their debut album, titled “Your Damned Time” which is available on all streaming platforms

After releasing the album, the band started their nomad lifestyle on a sailing vessel that also functions as a floating studio run on solar panels. The duo promises shows in ports, cities, and on secluded islands, as well as collaborations with the musicians they meet underway.

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