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Star Light Mountain is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Strap yourself in, music fans, because Ari Joshua’s “Star Light Mountain” is an energetic ride you won’t want to miss.

Star Light Mountain is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now

The song explodes with a powerful drumbeat that sets the foundation for a driving piano melody and soaring, almost heavenly, backing vocals.

Joshua himself shines, not just with his passionate vocals, but also with a his guitar solos that feels like a conversation between him and the instrument itself. It’s a call and response, building tension and energy to quicken your pulse.

“Star Light Mountain” blends classic rock influences with a soulful swagger, creating a familiar and exhilarating sound. It evokes the spirit of John Belushi’s iconic Blues Brothers moment “I’m seeing the light”, that sudden burst of pure musical joy.

This track isn’t just about energy, though. There’s a sense of euphoria woven throughout, a feeling of reaching for something transcendent.

The wide-stereo panning on the guitar solo adds to this, creating a sonic universe that envelops the listener completely.

“Star Light Mountain” is a powerful and uplifting rock anthem. It’s a song that will leave you feeling energized, inspired, and maybe even a little bit like you’ve just seen the light.

Star Light Mountain is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now!


Star Light Mountain is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now

“Star Light Mountain” featuring Ari Joshua on guitar, Russ Lawton on drums, and Ray Paczkowski on organ, it is out now along with East Coast tour dates and new recording dates. With Ari Joshua’s down to earth vocals and emotionally delivered guitar solos, Josephine Howell’s soulful backing vocals, Russ Lawton’s dynamic drumming, and Ray Paczkowski’s masterful organ work, the trio, filled out with electric bass, and layers of sound creates an modern take on a classic rock groove that captivates listeners from start to finish. This release showcases the trio’s chemistry, synergy and virtuosity in a way that compliments their previous 12 releases.

Upcoming Tour Dates

The Suncatchers featuring Joe Doria & Ehssan Karimi

May 22 – Seamonster Lounge – Seattle, Wa


May 23 – Helping Friendly Podcast with RJ Bee and Hosts – Osiris

Ari Joshua Band

May 31 – Nectars – Burlington, VT
June 2 – Mercury Lounge – New Tork, NY

Kris Yunker, Ari Joshua, Ben Atkind dates

June 5th – The Stone Church – Bratelboro, VT
June 7th – TBA Brattleboro – VT

Check www.arijoshua.com for more dates

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