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Starry Night is Iricha’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
From the moment the opening guitar arpeggio floats into the air, Iricha’s “Starry Night” transports you to a realm of celestial wonder.

Starry Night is Iricha’s Single Out Now

The soft, shimmering notes paint a picture of a star-studded sky, while the gentle groove evokes the sensation of shooting stars streaking across the heavens.

As the song unfolds, delicate keys join the melody, their ethereal tones reminiscent of moonlight casting its gentle glow upon the landscape.

Together, they create an atmosphere of twilight magic, as if capturing the essence of a perfect summer night.

Iricha’s music has an enchanting ability to transport the listener’s imagination, conjuring up dreamy visions and stirring emotions that lie deep within.

The song’s minimalist approach, with each instrument carefully placed in its own space, allows the melody to breathe and truly shine.

The quality of the arrangement is fantastic and shows Iricha’s refined artistic vision and taste. With “Starry Night,” this duo has gifted us a moment of pure musical poetry.

Starry Night is Iricha’s Single Out Now!


Meet the dynamic duo behind the band, two music maestros who found harmony in their shared passion! From rock to classical and electronic beats, their eclectic influences converge in a mesmerizing fusion. Having graced stages separately, they’re now set to ignite a new musical journey together.

The musical influences are numerous. They range from rock music to classical music studied many years ago, and from experimental and ambient influences to trip-hop and electronic music. These diverse influences and studies are tied to different periods of our lives and continuously merge when we create music.

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