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Sticky Situations is Aza Brown’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Aza Brown is entertaining us with a new tune “Sticky Situations”.

Sticky Situations is Aza Brown’s Single

The rhythmic cadence of this song intrigued me from the first second.

A magical and ethereal tune that has the ability to make you fly with your imagination.

While listening to this beautiful song, I imagined I was in a fairy tale. I saw myself walking barefoot on fuchsia meadows towards a beautiful yellow castle among the mountains surrounded by high heavenly waterfalls. A fantastic landscape where the cat Ness was the king.

Aza Brown with this track stimulated my neurons that triggered oneiric visions. A very well thought out melody that hides a special atmosphere.

Once again this artist proves to have unlimited creativity within himself that allows him to compose very original and unique songs.

Sticky Situations is Aza Brown’s Single Out Now!


Sticky Situations is Aza Brown’s Single

Chesterfield Singer/ Songwriter Aza Brown’s profile has followed an incredible upward trajectory which has seen both Spotify streams (50k to 200k!) and Youtube plays quadruple; leading to interviews on both BBC Radio Sheffield and Derby; and heralding a clamour from top Producers to remix the exciting new psychedelia-tinged single “Sticky Situations”.

Building on an electric debut performance of all 8 singles (complete with string trio accompaniment) at a packed hometown venue – Realtime Music – in July, a limited physical edition pressing of forthcoming album “Exennial” has already sold out ahead of its digital release in the Autumn.

Whilst composing this single, Aza’s cat – Ness – came into the room and commented with such a remarkable regularity after each musical phrase, that one might assume that he was narrating the lyrics! The track then evolved into a psychedelic trip into the mind of a cat, whilst also observing our feline friends’ seemingly effortless capacity to meditate!

Whereas the demo version – interspersed with Ness’ feline outbursts – evokes the kind of imagery where The Velvet Underground come ’round for tea, this unusual new single – once again with the Midas’ production touch of Danny Burton – may remind listeners of 2 of Lou Reed’s contemporaries – namely recalling the whimsical psychedelia of “Magical Mystery Tour”-era Beatles, and the soft delivery and harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel, whilst a more modern comparison would be with the fabulous yet tragic Elliott Smith.
An accompanying video incorporating the surreal backdrop of Radical Horizon’s Burning Man Exhibition at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire – perfectly complements the music and nonsensical lyrics

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